Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Daughter's First Character

Well, it's actually her second, but this is the first time she rolled her own dice.

As I mentioned in the T&T actual play, our daughter sat with us while we played, and wasn't feeling too well. Turns out a broken collarbone is to blame (!!!), so kids -- don't run in the house.

Anyway, Lily saw everyone making characters and wanted to join in, so she went to get her dice and Mommy helped her roll up...

Sarah here is a 2nd-level Thief (well, a Rogue, technically) who is, in Lily's words, "a really good singer" (Nerdy Girl, aka "Mommy", prompted her with various questions which she then answered). The stats she rolled all by herself -- including the triple sixes that resulted in that Dex of 24. She was proud of that; she even told Grandma about it at the doctor's office yesterday.

Sarah also has some spells, written on the back of her sheet:

  • Rain
  • Sunshine
  • Wind
  • Mist
  • Fog
Lily declared these; you won't find 'em in the rulebook.

The best part came when I was getting everyone their weapon stats. "What weapon does Sarah have, Lily?" asked my wife. Without missing a beat, the kid replied:

"A lightsaber. And it's pink."

Those aren't in the rulebook either, but -- what the hell? Maybe they oughtta be. I originally said "3 dice", but I'll revise that.

Lily ended up not playing, what with being hurt and kinda bummed and all. But obviously we kept the character sheet, so that someday, she can play.

And, yes, she can have the spells and the lightsaber. They might come in handy!