Friday, September 11, 2009

Doctor Rotwang!: Rip-Off Artist

This is how far behind I am, kids: It was only last night that I ran across this post by Uncle Bear. I fell in lubb with this format right away, and he's probably been doing it for years and years and everyone's doing it and I'm behind the times and those damn kids are on my lawn again.

AAAAAAAAAAAaaaanyway, I immediately got a wild hair to write something up following this format, and after hemming and hawing and talking to angry, angry people at work today, I finally had a flash of inspirification on Ye Olde Drive Home:


Now dig this:

Now Playing: Spelljammer -- Seekers of the Seven Baubles

The Movie Pitch
Spelljammer meets Pirates of Dark Water on Planescape's front lawn

The Elevator Speech
Swashbuckling adventurers heroes sail through space in magic-driven ships, seeking seven magic jewels that will banish a great evil.

High-spirited pulp adventure

Savage Worlds, because why not

Player Character Roles
Anyone willing to travel the Spheres and risk life and limb to fight back the illithid threat. Stock D&D characters are as welcome as are pirates and treasure-seekers -- but all of them must have a sense of duty. Clerics won't be of any use, though.

The Evil And Insidious Illithids
Drow Conquerors and Treasure-Hunters
The Cindermen (chaotic-evil fire elementals -- basically, humanoid burning coals)
Nakharotep, The Mummy
Princess Arkanida, who wants the Seven Baubles all to herself

Various planets encased in crystal spheres: a water world, a jungle world, a desert world, Planet Renfaire, etc.
Asteroid-borne ruins
Moradin's forge, one the home of the dwarves but now a captured Illithid stronghold

Appendix N
Spelljammer: Shadow of the Spider Moon
Sinbad movies aplenty
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Pirates of Dark Water
The Dark Crystal
Star Wars

Art Nouveau

Now...obviously, I just stole all this stuff from Polyhedrom Magazine #151, stuck a quest into it to keep the characters together and the plot moving, and called it a night. However, no one cares, because it sounds like fun. And anyway, if I ever run it, it's gonna be infused with mine and my players' personal touches, and it's a swell excuse for me to shove some art nouveau groove into a game.

What's more is that it excites me, and that's actually kind of a novelty, of late.