Monday, February 18, 2008

My Wife Pulls A Rabbit Out Of Her Hat (Again)

Just about...oh, twice a year, we drive up from Hoosierville-A to The Sovereign City Of Greenwood, which may or may not be a suburb of Indianadapolis or somesuch, but which either way has some cooler shopping options than we do here. Mainly, we like to hit up the Half-Price Books, Toys 'R' Us and Comic Carnival; we have a comics shop here (actually there are two) but Comic Carnival deals in all-around geekchandise a little moreso than the locals do.

Sometimes I get lucky and score a sweet find in one of those shops; I've come home with a copy of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia before, or the 30th anniversary T&T for instance. Then again, sometimes I find dingus, and on our last trip, which we took this Saturday, I was gettin' pretty bummed because it was turning out to be one of those dingus trips.

Oh, sure, I found the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide and the 2nd Ed. Fighter's Handbook at HPB, but there was no real wow in that; those are common. TRU didn't yield the Concept Han Solo fig we've been looking for, either, so...oh, well.

Comic Carnival didn't have the collected Buckaroo Banzai: Return of the Screw TPB I was hoping for, and their gaming section is...umn...a D&D 3.x section. I sighed, put a Hellboy and a BPRD TPBs in my hand, and went to look at the boardgames, up at the front. Just, you know, in case.

They had a copy of Arkham Horror, but it was a little steep at the moment; there was a copy of the Star Munchkin RPG, but I can do stupid just fine by myself and anyway, you know, d20. Crestfallen, I just kind of stared.

Then I heard my wife say, and I quote,

"There's a Bullwinkle And Rocky Role-Playing Party Game."

My head snapped around with a trans-sonic crack. I followed her outstretched finger to a point under a table, where several vintage board games were, effectively, hidden -- and sure enough, there it was.

Unopened. Still in the shrinkwrap.

Ten bucks.

You bet your sweet bippy, I did.

ZING! Man...15 years ago I was at Universal Studios in Florida and I walked right by a towering display of those things, but owing to a lack of funds or time or brains I passed it up, and my foot's been stuck to my butt ever since.

It's...not in the shrinkwrap anymore.

I haven't read the whole thing, but I can tell you this: it comes with story-building cards (for a gameplay option which resembles Atlas Games' totally awesome Once Upon A Time...), spinners instead of dice, and hand-puppets. Warren Spector's name is on it and it has little stand-up character sheets with illos on front and 'powers' on the back. The Narrator, who is like a GM, gets a standup with an announcer's microphone on it.


No, I haven't played it yet. Last night we had Leaky Pete over to make some Star Wars characters, because we're gonna play some of that. But my copy of Bullwinkle And Rocky Role-Playing Party Game is sitting next to my bed, and no offense to Mr. Edgar Rice Burroughs but A Princess Of Mars is on pause for the time being while I read through this garish, ridiculous little gem.

Again, I say: ACES.