Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"I Fought A Barber Man!"

First, please dig this crazy video.

Now...what's that guy doing? Or, more importantly -- what is he not doing?

Well, he's not hunting werewolves, that's for damn sure.

Once again it falls upon me to save the D6 Adventure-playing world from lycanthropes near and far.

Werewolf-Hunting Bollywood Star

REF 3D+1 acrobatics 3D+2, dodge 4D, melee combat 4D, brawling 3D+2, dancing 4D+1
COO 2D+2 marksmanship 3D
PHY 3D stamina 3D+2
PRE 3D+1 charm 4D, persuasion 3D+2, disguise 3D+2
KNO 2D+1 scholar: werewolves 4D+1, languages 2D+2
PER 3D+1 tracking: werewolves 4D+1

ADS/DISADS: Fame (R1): Known Bollywood Star; Skill Bonus (1) - Acting: +1 to charm, con, disguise; Devotion (R2): Kill all werewolves!

Char. Pts. 5, Fate Pts. 1, PHY Damage 1D Move 10m

Equipment: Werewolf-hunting kit, sunglasses, cool jacket

Two things have long set Benny Lava apart: his natural charm and flexibility, and the fact that his family was slaughtered by werewolves. Vowing revenge and working with the hand he's been dealt, Benny has parlayed his charisma and physique into a successful entertainment career, and has trained himself to be a werewolf-killing machine.

You're welcome.