Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rotwang! Contra La España

I used to be all grumpy about Spain.

"Aztec-killin' Church-pushin' codex-destroyin' gold-stealin' foot-burnin' rassin'-frassin' so-and-so's!", I'd declare. "Can't say their damn 'S'-es right! Look at me, I'm Eth-PAN-eesh! THH THH THH!"

Here lately, though? Ehhhh, I got over myself.

Actually for a while now I've been getting over it, and, wouldn't you know it, kind of wanting to put more Spanish cultural influences in my F- and SFRPG action. Like, I started to draw up a map of a fantasy kingdom called Toldeo, and wanted to put Spanish place names and geography on everything. NPCs named Don This and Doña That. Hell, last night I was thinking, "Why don't I roll up a Traveller subsector and make a whole group of Spanish-settled systems? Like the Sword Worlds, but swarthy!"

I want to play a Zingaran swordsman in a Conan game, or a Hazat guy in Fading Suns. I've had the Castille sourcebook for 7th Sea for a while, actually.

What gives?

Anyway, it'll mean one thing: research. Research that I can turn into cultural influences, place names, NPCs, etc. For some reason, a FRPG setting based on medieval Spain appeals to me like never before. I don't know why.

I'll leave out the Aztec-killin', Church-pushin', codex-destroyin', gold-stealin', foot-burnin' and so on, though.