Monday, December 24, 2007

I Suddenly Gotta GURPS

No good reason for it, but I suddenly have an urge for a GURPS game. Odd -- since I haven't played it in over 3 years.

Y'see, my wife and I usedta play the hell out of that system. Accumulating quite a collection of 3rd-Edition supps, we used it for Traveller, SF stuff, fantasy, espionage/action...all kinds crazy stuff, and almost all the time. Then Lily was born, and we moved, and then we apparently switched to other systems for our fun.

The GURPS shelf still sits there, waiting. Arabian Adventures, Atlantis, Atomic Horror, Aztecs, Bestiary, Castle Falkenstein, Castle Falkenstein - The Ottoman Empire, Cliffhangers, Compendia I & II, Cops, Creatures Of The Night, Cyberpunk, Deadlands: Weird West, Egypt, Fantasy, Fantasy Bestiary, Greece, Hellboy, Horror (3rd), Illuminati, IOU, Japan, Lensman, Magic, Martial Arts, Monsters, Old West, Planet of Adventure, Religion, Robots, Rogues, Screampunk, Space, Space 3rd, Steampunk, Steampunk Tech, Supers, Swashbucklers, Transhuman Space (plus Broken Dreams, Deep Beyond, Fifth Wave, In The Well, Orbital Decay, Spacecraft of the Solar System and Toxic Memes), Traveller (nearly the entire run -- don't make me), Ultratech & UIltratech 2, Undead, Vehicles (both editions), the GM's Screen, the Horror GM's Screen and ..., that's it.


Cherished, but ultimately unused for anything other than reference or pride.

Then today I was looking at the Wiki page about Mad Max, and then I looked at the Wiki page for "Car Wars", and it mentioned the GURPS Autoduel supplement, and I thought "I gotta get that at GenCon '08" and then I thought "I haven't played GURPS in, like, 3 years" and then finally "Dude, I wanna play some GURPS."


Just like that.

It's...weird, here inside my head.

Weird, and sticky.

...where's that old webpage that randomly tossed out 3 GURPS titles to make a campiagn out of...?