Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Success or Failure?

In the comments for my last post, Jeff R. from Illionis writes to us,

Dear I Wate The Buddha With My Crossbow:

I never thought the stories I read in your blog were true, until the day I met Theatrix.

I was hanging out at my local the other day when I spott--

No, wait, that's -- Hang on.

In the comments for my last post, Jeff R. wrote,

Q: Do you feel like you have anough material from the last week to run some fantasy adventures? If so, I'm of the opinion you can count the exercise as a success.

Well, that' s a good question. I have a starting point for some fantasy adventures, but...not a whole lot. More than anything, and this ocurred to me last night as I wrapped up a game with my wife, I feel like I have a good amount of stuff with which to customize another plain vanilla setting -- like, say, Los Forgotten Realms.

I mean, why not? I can drop in the Knights of the Ring Argent next to the Harpers and the Purple Dragons of Cormyr and whatever else, right? I can have Torm appear as Abe Vigoda, maybe Sune's avatar looks like Pat Benatar sometimes, and there are some Mongolian-esque dudes out East, got a big hunk'a meteor that's drivin' 'em nuts, can't figure what to do with it.

I mean, who cares? Is Ed Greenwood gonna come to my house and uncork some Elminster on my sorry, Realms-bendin' ass?

No. He has better things to do.

BUT. I don't have my own setting. Well, I have some but I don't like them anymore, for some reason; that'd be interesting, to find out why that is.

Most importantly...I set out to focus on a task, and blew it.