Monday, April 09, 2007

The Coolest Game You're Not Playing

Mr Chris Engle, of Hereabouts, IN, is the author of The Coolest Game You're Not Playing. It is called Engle Matrix and it has nothing at all to do with those movies that Ted "Theodore" Logan was in unless of course you like it that way.

Engle Matrix games are widely varied and ridiculously simple. They bridge the gap between role-playing-, board- and strategy games, and I reviewed them once upon a time right here on this webpage. Interestingly enough, as I post this, I do have my mouth full of tasty sammich goodness, so obviously it's an omen and it was meant to be.

Why are you still reading this?! Go, click, go! Life's too short! Alternately, look for him at Gencon, and buy some puppets, too. Oh, and his wife's a good cook and neither one of them is a dirty cannibal.