Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Out of steam already?

Man, what a bummer. I shoulda said a week.

My lack of updates is partly because I have, you know, family stuff going on, plus work, plus gaming. Actually I've been playing D6 Fantasy with my wife, using the Forgotten Realms as our setting...but using only the 1st Ed. boxed set, Faiths & Avatars for some details I didn't feel like making up, the 1st Ed. DMG for its NPC-creating powers and the 1st Ed. Monster Manual for descriptions of monsters and quick, dirty conversion.

I find that this fulfills my FRPG needs very nicely at the moment.

Also...I'm going to produce a podcast. As I mentioned in the comments for last post, I have some VERY BASIC equipstuff, and Mike From Work has agreed to write a short bit of music for it. Maybe I can talk him into a 3- or 5-second bumper to separate segments, too, if he's willing, and I'll pay him back by drawing him a picture of a Chuckle Boat Full Of DSRs (don't ask, I dunno either). Anyway, I intend to have fun with it and hopefully amuse some folks with my crazy audio antics. You know that "mad Money" guy who throws junk around on TV? I'm not like him.

More as it develops.