Monday, January 15, 2007

R I G H T E O U S .

Whoa. Dudes. I've got a campaign again.

Last night we played some D6 Fantasy in the classic mold, the way I've been jonesing for it: fueled by classic FRPG tropes, old-school fantasy art, the sheer joy of playing a game with friends and jokes about wood.

A simple plot hook, clear and uncomplicated. Troll fu, arrow fu, kama fu, mistaken identity fu, and a drinking contest with a halfling who kept rolling 6s on his Wild Die. Legs rolled. About 4 gallons troll blood. Stuff stolen from Krull, The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and some random charts I had laying around. Academy Award nominations for Phil, who, when asked to describe what his Magic Missile spell looks like, replied, "I'm enjoying the idea of blue balls", and to Kyle, for saying something no one could remember but made my wife spit her Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist back into her glass and stumble back to the kitchen doubled over in laughter. Four stars.

And the rules stuff went smoothly and cleanly. In fact, they actually helped.


...and we're only 2 scenes into the adventure.