Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dang! "Fudge Factor" is in a coma!

Today I decided to yank my copy of Fudge off the shelf, take a trip down memory lane, you know? Whilst traipsing through the tulips or whatever, I decided to check out Fudge Factor, a webzine dedicated to the game. Always had lots of neat articles, it did.

It hasn't been updated since June, and back in April, editor Carl Cravens closed up shop on the site. Bummer!

Well, it's not like it's dead...just slumbering. So that's good.

I remember downloading (and printing out) a copy of the game back in 1993 or so, from (I think), in a computer lab at Indiana University's Student Union. Upstairs. On a NeXT. One of the cubes in fact, had a B/W monitor. I thought the game was aces even then, and have liked it ever since.

Ann DuPuis asked me if I wanted to write for Fudge, at GenCon this year...I sent her an outline and a follow-up e-mail but I never heard back. I hope she's OK...