Friday, September 07, 2007

Forward...To Fabulous Prizes!!

Forward...To Adventure! is an old-school-type RPG written by The RPG Pundit and published by Flying Mice. It's seriously old-school in its approach and that's beautiful. Click on this link to read a review.

Over on The RPG Site,The Pundit has asked Jeff Rients and me to help him judge a random chart design contest. Easy action - you create a chart, you submit it, and you could win stuff. First prize is either $50 or churrasco and clericó with The Pundit.

Okay, okay, just the fifty. You can also win Flying Mice stuff, and that's never bad.

I think it's a neat idea, and since we all know how I feel about randomly-generated gaming yummies, I am -as the kids say on the MTV- down with it.

If you're of like mind, go on ahead and check it out. If you're afraid of The RPG Site because you've heard stories, just remember -- Jeff and I hang there. He's not evil and I'm just goofy.

So there.