Monday, November 29, 2010

You'll Live If You Don't See This -- But Would You WANT To?

DUDE.  It's The People That Time Forgot!


Patrick Wayne, Doug McClure, Sarah Douglas and Dana Gillespie fight fake cavemen, fake samurai and fake dinosaurs on the fake lost island of Ca...uh...somewhere!

Jury's out.
The plot is pencil-thin, but you don't really watch this movie for its plot, no no.  You watch it for the mountain castle shaped like a pile of skulls, and the green-skinned wrestler-sized bad guy who lives there.  You watch it for the sword-, fist- and rubber dino-fights.  You watch it to play Spot The That Guy.

Don't try to frighten him with your...uh...dangit!

But chiefly, you watch it for stuff you can rip off for your games.  That big green-skinned dude's going into my next sword & sorcery game, and so is that skull-castle.  Hell, steal the whole thing lock, stock and Dana Gillespie's barrels and there's your EC adventure for tonight.  Or mix-and-match with the film that preceded it, The Land That Time Forgot (People is its sequel) , and put the whole thing in space.  

My daughter says this tower is evil.  

Look at that thing.  Picture it on an asteroid.