Monday, September 29, 2008

Roll Or Choose

So here's an idea I had the other day: a series of random charts entitled Roll Or Choose, each of which posits a question and answers it a number of ways. Each chart pulls double duty -- it can either answer such a question in-game, or it can be used as a springboard to a planned encounter or maybe even a whole adventure.

Here's an example, why not.

  1. Crashed there (1d4) weeks ago. 75% of valuable cargo being salvageable.
  2. Abandoned (1d4) (1d4; 1=Days, 2=weeks, 3=months, 4=years) ago. 65% of still being operable.
  3. Engaged in smuggling operations! (Even=Picking Up; Odd=Dropping Off). The PCs are witnesses -- which the smugglers don't intend to leave...
  4. It's stranded! The crew are friendly (2-in-6) or terribly grumpy. May trade goods/favors/information for assistance/rescue.
  5. Hiding from pursuers who, naturally, show up right after the PCs do.
  6. Hiding in ambush! 4-in-6 chance that the crew will immediately mistake the PCs for their targets!
  7. It's illegally parked! If the planet has a starport, the encountered ship has set down in the mountains to avoid starport docking fees. If confronted about it, the crew will (Even) politely ask or (Odd) threaten the PCs not to tell.
  8. Vacationing! GM must determine crew's willingness to invite the PCs to their little party.
There. Not much to it, but maybe some interesting ideas, don't you think?