Monday, March 10, 2008

My Favorite Judges' Guild Cover EVER

You recognize it immediately, don't you?

Of course you do. Because even if you've never seen this product before, you know exactly where you've seen that guy before -- it's Luke Skywalker.

Okay, okay, it's a drawing based entirely upon a still photo of Mark Hammil as Luke Skywalker in The Best Movie Ever Ma- uh, The Empire Strikes Back, only the artist changed his features a bit and added a background and sharpened his lightsaber a bit.

In a sense, you should, by rights, look at this picture, recognize El Skywalkero, and be immediately yanked out of the fantasy. I mean, I was, at first, anyway.

But today? Today I look at it and I think, Man, some dude got that art assignment and said, "I'm gonna put Luke Skywalker in there, HA!"